Common Questions

  1. How long does counseling take?
    There is no set answer to this question, because counseling is a process. Everyone is an individual and each person has different needs. You and I will make a plan, and this can be changed at any time.
  2. Can I see you for personal counseling as well as career counseling?
    Yes, many of my clients like to do that since I have specialties in both areas.
  3. How much do you charge?
    Fees vary according to the type of service you select such as individual counseling, MBTI testing, Self Directed Search.
  4. Do you accept insurance?
    While I don't accept insurance, I am happy to provide you with an invoice which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Some services such as career counseling are not reimbursable by most insurance companies.
  5. How do I pay for services?
    Payment is required at each counseling session either by personal check or by cash.
  6. Do you take credit cards?
  7. Are you close to a metro stop?
    Yes, take the red line, and exit at the Bethesda stop. I am within walking distance.
  8. Is there parking close by?
    Yes, there is a Montgomery County Parking Garage on St. Elmo Avenue across from my office, and there is some on street metered parking spaces. Please bring lots of quarters for the garage and for on street parking.
  9. Is your office handicapped accessible?
    Yes it is.